Klein Info Design LLC

Content That Clicks

Writing & Content Strategy

Reach your target audience and help meet your business goals with crisp, clear copy that delivers your message.

ECG Tracing
Explained ECG analysis algorithms in plain language.


Sound Lab
Demystified psychoacoustics.
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User Research

Don't guess about your target audience. We'll conduct up-front user interviews to understand their needs and context. We'll validate by testing usability.

Usability Lab Study
Ran in-lab and remote usability studies using the think-aloud protocol.


Agent portal research
Interviewed target users to inform redesign.
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User Experience Design

We'll design the user experience so your website meets your customers' needs and fulfills your business goals.

Axure prototype
Created prototype in Axure to test user flows.


Mobile web design
Devised strategy to meet top needs of mobile users.
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Present information clearly and give learners lots of practice to build skills.

E-learning exercises
Focused on skills practice to help physicians interact with patients.


Clear data display
Simplified data display to clarify lessons and motivate learners.
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